Biostar has prepared their own versions of 3D-card AMD Radeon RX500

Biostar is well known for its motherboards and graphics card in the range of this company too. Latest news on this front a few models built on the recently introduced AMD Radeon RX500.

All four new products: VA5805RV82 (Radeon RX580), VA5705RV42 (FPS Dual Cooling) and VA5705RV42 (Radeon RX570) and another model Radeon RX550. They all work on the reference frequencies, and only VA5705RV42 (FPS Dual Cooling) has a non-standard cooling system. This model and pay attention.

Cooler Biostar VA5705RV42 (FPS Dual Cooling) has two fans and two copper heat pipes – this should be sufficient to remove heat from the GPU running at a frequency of 1168 MHz (1244 MHz in Boost mode). The volume of GDDR5 memory is 4 GB memory connected to the GPU by means of the bus with a bit width of 256 bits.

The set of ports of the video card standard: two HDMI and DisplayPort, and one DVI.

The cost of the cards is not reported, but it is highly doubtful that they will be offered more expensive than AMD’s recommended price.

Source: Biostar



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