BIO-key introduced a low-cost, compact fingerprint scanners for PC

Fingerprint scanner with smartphones have long become commonplace. This element is typical even for a budget device, albeit this is true only for Chinese manufacturers.

But in laptops dactyloscopy almost never occur. They appeared on a mobile PC for a very long time, but since then have not received distribution, and in most its old types of scanners.

The problem can be solved simply and cheaply. Enough to spend $40 on a purchase of one of the new devices BIO-key. In the range of three scanners: SideSwipe Mini Fingerprint Reader, SideTouch EcoID Fingerprint Reader and Fingerprint Reader. The cost of the devices are identical.

The first two are very similar in appearance. They connect to a USB port and are a miniature pad with fingerprint scanner. In the first case, the site need to perform, and in the second it is enough to touch. EcoID Fingerprint Reader differs in that it connects to a USB cable that lets you position it conveniently for the user.

Devices work with Windows 7 and newer OS versions. In Windows 10 using the Windows the Helo that allows you to unlock the PC for a couple of seconds.



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