Best Buy raised the price on the iPhone X for $100

Large American chain of stores Best Buy has begun accepting pre-orders for the smartphone iPhone X simultaneously with the official Apple store in the end of last week.

Recommended iPhone price of X is $ 999 for the version with 64 GB of flash memory and $ 1149 for the older version, which is equipped with a 256 GB non-volatile memory.

However, in Best Buy retail price is 1099 and $ 1249 respectively. Comment on unusual pricing, the Best Buy representative said: «Our prices reflect the fact that customers can buy a smartphone with a binding to any operator and with any tariff plan, for personal or commercial use. Our customers said they want this flexibility, but sometimes you have to pay».

I should add that, when making the order in the Apple store, users can also choose the operator, so the statement Best Buy seems rather strange. But, obviously, if there was no demand, then the price would not have increased.



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