Bentley unveiled its first electric car

at the exhibition Geneva Motor Show 2017, Bentley introduced its first two-seater called the EXP 12 Speed 6E Concept.

The head of the Board of Directors of Bentley Wolfgang Dyurhaymer (Wolfgang Dürheimer) said that the electric vehicle does not necessarily have to look like refrigerators on wheels. It can and should be emotional and sexual. He added that the company intends to continue to produce electric cars, so it is always ready to listen to criticism about the design of the Bentley EXP Speed 12 6E Concept.

Center console got a big curved touch screen OLED display which shows you the navigation system, and virtual buttons for climate control and multimedia.

The passenger will have their own display, which is not shown in the images. It can be used to check social networks, use email or watch videos.

Details about the technical characteristics, in particular capacity of battery, power reserve, yet. But Bentley claims that you can get from London to Paris, Milan or Monaco on a single charge.

If this concept will launch in mass production, initially, the electric car will appear in China.

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