Benchmark BAPCo TabletMark 2017 suitable for devices with Android, iOS and Windows 10

Non-profit consortium of Business Applications Performance Corporation (BAPCo), which unites independent test labs, OEM PC manufacturers, component suppliers and software publishers, announced the release of the test package TabletMark 2017.

Package TabletMark 2017 — a new version of cross-platform performance test for a touchscreen, running Android, iOS and Windows.

Using TabletMark 2017 is possible to determine not only the speed of the device, but the stock of its autonomy in routine tasks, including web surfing, email, editing photos and videos, and playback of video. The results can be compared with the testimony of other devices in the database TabletMark 2017.

The new version includes new quests and written using the updated SDK. In addition, the Windows version rewritten from scratch for Windows 10 Universal Windows Platform. Test TabletMark is free to download.

As a reference, I will add that the members of BAPCo, in particular, are Acer, CNET, Compal, Dell, Hewlett-Packard, Hitachi, Intel, Inventec, Lenovo, Microsoft, Quanta Computer, Samsung, Toshiba, Western Digital and Wistron.

Source: BAPCo


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