Belkin has introduced a scattering of accessories for the latest Apple

Belkin has introduced a new line of accessories for the new smartphones and smart watches Apple. The manufacturer announced a whole galaxy of devices.

The first protective glass InvisiGlass Ultra Accessory Glass 2, created in collaboration with Corning. Glass thickness is 0.21 mm. Belkin says the increased scratch resistance, better durability and transparency. The cost of glass is $40.

The second case Air Protect SheerForce for $30. As stated in the press release, the case is lightweight and impact resistant. In addition, the back side is transparent.

Third — hand case Sport-Fit Armband valued at $25. This accessory is only available for the youngest of the new products Apple. Rather, those cases already released three different versions. Also mentioned is the model Sport-Fit Plus Armband and Sport-Fit Armband Pro. The latest available already for the iPhone 7 Plus. The cost of these cases is in the range of $25-$40. The only difference is the presence of additional pockets for credit cards and so on.

The Apple Watch Classic Band is a simple black leather strap for the Apple watch of copertina. It is equipped with metal clasp and costs $60.

The last two accessories are designed for styluses Apple Pencil. Stand for Apple Pencil, as you might guess, this is a special aluminum stand for $30. Case + Stand for Apple Pencil — too stand, but is able to act also in the role of the canister. She asked for $30.



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