Began to supply the MinnowBoard Turbot PCBs for embedded systems on the Intel Atom processor E38xx

Non-profit organization Foundation, created to promote open hardware and software solutions for embedded systems, announced the start of deliveries of circuit boards MinnowBoard Turbot. Minnow Board Turbot with Quad-core processor supports OS Linux-Windows 10 IoT Core and Android. It is designed for rapid prototyping of embedded systems.

On Board CPU Intel Atom E3845 running at a frequency of 1.91 GHz. Also available with dual-core Intel Atom processor E3826, operating at a frequency of 1.46 GHz. The Board also has 2 GB of memory DDR3L-1067. To connect the drive has a SATA 3 GB/s. Board Equipment includes a slot microSD, port Gigabit Ethernet, host USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 ports, eight GPIO, I2C and SPI, video output micro-HDMI. On the extension socket removed the line mPCIe and additional SATA ports and USB. It should also be noted that debug options: connect the console to the FTDI and load TianoCore UEFI, CoreBoot or SeaBIOS. For work Board you need a constant voltage of 5 V.

All documentation on Board, including schematics and list of components available to developers and can serve as a starting point when designing solutions based on MinnowBoard Turbot.

Source: Foundation


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