Began to supply 16 modular cameras Light L16

Company Light announced the beginning of deliveries of cameras Light L16, which became available for pre-order in October 2015.

Recall that a key feature of the Light L16 is the presence of 16 modules, lenses which have different focal lengths.

Allegedly, programmatically combining the image received by a large number of cameras with small sensors, it is possible not only to simulate zoom but closer in picture quality to SLR cameras. While the size and mass of the Light L16 is reminiscent of a smartphone.

Camera dimensions 165 x 84,5 x of 24.05 mm and weighs 435 g. Its body is made of aluminum alloy. The camera is equipped with five-inch touch Full HD display. Five modules equipped with a lens with EGF 28 mm and aperture F/2.0, five — EGF 70 mm and aperture F/2.0, six — EFR 150 mm and aperture of F/2,4. Minimum focusing distance is 10, 40 or 100 cm, depending on module. The resolution of each module is equal to 13 MP. The resolution may exceed 52 mn. The range of sensitivity is equal to ISO 100-3200 range shutter speed — 1/8000 to 15 s exposure Metering is performed with priority of the Central part of the image or area selected using the touch screen. Images can be saved in JPEG and DNG. The camera is equipped with 256 GB of flash memory and a USB port.

According to the creators Light L16, the project took four years, including the creation of specialized chips and camera modules, development of algorithms and writing of applications, organisation of supply and production.

Source: Light


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