Began selling SSDs GPU Reactor Armor 3D and 3D Triactor; their technical characteristics different from those stated above

All basic Enhanced MFG has announced the beginning of sales of SSDs Reactor Armor 3D and 3D Triactor announced in the beginning of the year. Note that the specifications of the SSD different from those stated above.

As promised, a new SSD with SATA 6 GB/s controller Silicon Motion SM2258, however, the maximum capacity is not 2 TB. The Reactor Armor 3D model is available with capacity of 240, 480 and 960 GB, and the model Triactor 3D volume of 512 GB and 1 TB. Recall that in Reactor Armor 3D uses flash memory MLC 3D NAND in the Triactor 3D — 3D TLC NAND.

Maximum speed sequential read was declared equal to 560 MB/s, maximum sequential write speed Reactor Armor 3D — 525 MB/s, Triactor 3D 520 MB/s.

In fact, read speeds are up to 565 MB/s. Maximum writing speed in the case of a storage Reactor Armor 3D volume 960 GB is equal to 510 MB/s, a capacity of 480 GB — 500MB/s, 240 GB 300 MB/s Drives Triactor 3D, regardless of the volume show write speed up to 525 MB/s

As for performance on operations with random access, the announcement was given values of 90 000 and 85 000 IOPS (hereinafter, first the value is read, the second for writing).

In the current specifications for Reactor Armor 3D this value of 77 000 and 80 000 IOPS (SSD 960 GB), 80 000 and 80 000 IOPS (SSD 480 GB), 63 000 and 70 000 IOPS (SSD 240 GB). Drive Triactor 3D 1TB can boast values of 85 000 and 82 000 IOPS, with up to 512 GB — 86 000 and 80 000 IOPS.

To a new SSD extends three-year warranty. Indicative prices are known for model 3D Reactor Armor: $90 for SSD 240 GB, $160 for SSD 480 GB, $270 for SSD 960 GB.

Sources: GPU, Techpowerup


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