Began selling from Sony FES Watch U, equipped with the electrophoretic screen

In Japan began selling from Sony FES Watch U, shown at the exhibition SID Display Week 2017 in the number of exhibits with electrophoretic screens.

In appearance from the original model FES Watch novelty is the metal bezel. From the point of view of the functionality of the device FES Watch U also offers several more than its predecessor, but it is not a smart watch. The main feature of the FES Watch U as FES Watch, is the ability to quickly change the appearance, provided by E Ink screen. New options manufacturer promises to make available every month until the end of the year.

Powered FES Watch U provides a built-in battery needs to be recharged about every three weeks. The original model worked from a disk of batteries replaced every few years.

Depending on the finish — with black bezel and steel color watch Sony FES Watch U cost about $540 or $420. About plans of sales outside Japan no data available.

Source: The Verge

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