Began selling drives Intel SSD 900P Optane

Intel has announced the release of SSDs Intel SSD 900P Optane. This is the first SSD that uses Intel Optane designed for desktop PCs and workstations.

Drives expansion cards half-height produced a volume of 280 and 480 GB. Variety of size 2.5 inch available only with a volume of 280 GB. In all cases, the SSD features a PCIe 3.0 x4 and NVMe support.

Allegedly, the new SSD superior to a regular SSD to NAND flash memory performance on operations with random access at low command queue. Regardless of volume, speed sequential read reaches 2500 MB/s, sequential write speed 2000 MB/s performance for read operations random access — 550 000 IOPS, and performance on write operations with random access to 500,000 IOPS. Delay of read and write is 10 µs. In active mode the device consumes 14 watts, in idle mode — 5 watts.

Resource the manufacturer does not name, limited to the comparison with the «other drives». According to Intel, gain the benefit of Optane SSD 900P is 22 times.

As for the release Optane SSD 900P was chosen CitizenCon event dedicated to the game Star Citizen, the manufacturer promised that the first buyers of the drive will receive a free spaceship model Sabre Raven.



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