Began selling developer kits 6 Cypress PSoC BLE Pioneer Kit

Company Cypress Semiconductor announced the availability of developer kits of 6 PSoC BLE Pioneer Kit and environment PSoC Creator Integrated Design Environment (IDE) 4.2. These funds allow you to start using the PSoC microcontroller 6, designed for the IoT.

According to the manufacturer, PSoC BLE 6 is the most flexible and is characterized by the lowest power microcontroller with integrated Bluetooth Low Energy, and hardware protection.

In the configuration of the PSoC comes with a 6-ARM Cortex-M4, which plays the role of the main processor, and ARM Cortex-M0+, which is entrusted with functions of peripheral control units including sensors. Examples of the structures created by developers registered to participate in the program technical support (their number, according to estimates Cypress, 2500), named wearable electronic devices, personal medical devices and portable AC.

The kit includes the PSoC controller 63, the means of touch, an E-ink display size of 2.7 inch, temperature sensor, microphone and motion sensor and other components. Price of set of 6 PSoC BLE Pioneer Kit (CY8CKIT-062-BLE) — $75.


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