Began selling Dart — «the world’s smallest» power adapter for notebook

After almost two and a half years after funds for the release of Dart — «the world’s smallest» power adapter for your laptop was collected by means of the service of collective financing, the product went on sale. Earlier it received the last participants of the fundraiser. It happened in August of 2016, although the original authors of the project planned to start shipping in November 2014.

Anyway, now Dart can buy and those who did not participate in the fundraiser. The product costs $100. For this amount the buyer receives a adapter 65W, which, if you believe the developers, four times less and six times lighter than other similar devices.

Power plug integrated into the housing of the adapter, allowing to do without the thick and rigid power cable. Besides the cable to connect to laptop, power adapter features a USB connector with a load capacity of 2.1 A, designed for charging mobile devices. There are adapters five colors.

Source: FINsix


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