Began selling a 27-inch desktop Dell tablets Canvas

Last week marked the 20th anniversary of the release of the first workstation Dell Precision. The manufacturer noted this date as the announcement of the new models, memorable version of the mobile workstation Dell Precision 5520 and the announcement of the beginning of sales of the device Dell Canvas.

The list of new models includes Dell Precision desktop workstations Dell Precision 5820 Tower, Tower Precision 7820 and 7920 Precision Tower, Precision workstation 7920 Rack designed for rack mounting. The advantages of these computers include the latest Intel Xeon processors and accelerators Nvidia Quadro GP100 or AMD Radeon Pro SSG. The latter is equipped with 16 GB of memory HBM2 and SSD capacity of 2 TB.

Dell Precision 5520 — the most thin and light mobile workstation the Dell catalog. Commemorative version differs from the basic design of the hull. It’s already available for order in two configurations.

As for the Dell Canvas for the first time this product was shown at the beginning of the year at CES 2017. System, which is a 27-inch table tablet with support for pen input, costs $1800. The screen resolution is 2560 x 1440 pixels.



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