Began selling 3D-card Radeon RX 550 with frequencies GPU which AMD confusion. PowerColor introduced one model of a family of Red Dragon

On 18 April, AMD introduced the new Radeon RX 500. If you do not consider models for the OEM segment, we were shown four new models. High cards become available immediately, but the younger Radeon RX 550 started to go on sale only yesterday.

Red Dragon PowerColor Radeon RX 2GB GDDR5 550 is one of the novelties. Despite the adapter class device PowerColor did not have so compact. Length is 225 mm.

GPU frequency reaches 1190 MHz in Boost mode. Sorry to say you got the card overclocked, it is impossible. The reason is that the reference value is unknown. Immediately after the announcement on the website you can find information about what the core frequency can reach 1326 MHz. Now it says it is 1100 MHz, and it is unclear whether it is basic or overclocked frequency. Moreover, on the website and did you specify a value of 1287 MHz in Boost mode. Thus, the confusion with models Radeon and Radeon RX 540 540 added this. But now we know that the TDP of product is only 50 watts.

Returning to the PowerColor card, it is equipped with 2 GB of memory, clocked at 7000 MHz. Responsible for the power of a simple cooler with a small heatsink without heat pipes. On the rear panel is located ports DVI, HDMI and DisplayPort. Recall that the recommended price of the Radeon RX 550 is $ 80.

Radeon RX 550
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