Because of the increased cost of components, Asus will focus on high-end mobile PCs

According to the source, Asus has decided to adjust its strategy for the mobile PC market and concentrate on models of the upper price segment.

Asus has reduced the supply budget and mainstream laptops to maintain profitability. This step is associated with the appreciation of certain PC components including LCD panels and DRAM memory, and not with the specifics of the demand.

So in the near future is expected to increase the range of models ZenBook, hybrid laptops and other expensive devices. Asus expects that this step will lead to a five per cent, in quarterly terms, the increase in the revenue of the unit dealing with the PC in the current quarter. While the revenue of the manufacturer in General will be lower than a year earlier. Asus expects to receive by 3.1-3.4 billion dollars at the end of the current quarter against 4.27 billion a year earlier.



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