Became known why Xiaomi is not afraid of decrease in sales of smartphones

As you know, the company Xiaomi recently faced with a sharp decline in sales of smartphones. Even at home the Chinese manufacturer has reduced supply from 17.3 to 10.0 million units, bringing its share decreased from 15.9% to 8.7%.

However, the company did not see in the reduction of smartphone sales big trouble. According to the source, Xiaomi’s leadership is confident that the situation will offset the success in other areas, which include devices for smart home and software ecosystem.

In 2014, in a period of rapid growth of the smartphone market Xiaomi was the most successful among the young Chinese companies, failing to reach a market value of $ 46 billion. However, Vice-President of Xiaomi said that the company had never relied in a business model solely on smartphones. Moreover, smartphones were sold close to cost, and earnings of the company, he said, for many years was formed from a «renewable flows,» apparently associated with the use of devices.

Source: Reuters



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