Became known why the new laptops Apple MacBook Pro, there is no memory card slot

As you know, new Apple MacBook Pro does not have a slot for SD memory cards. About the reasons for the lack of this element equipment, which is in most laptops, the source said in an exclusive interview with senior Vice President of Apple worldwide marketing Phil Schiller (Phil Schiller).

According to Schiller, there are several reasons. One of them is the fact that the slot is «bulky» (in laptops, is equipped with such a slot, the card half sticking out). On the other hand, is «very good and fast» an external device for memory cards, designed for connection to a USB port. Using them, you can work with maps in other formats, not just SD. For previous notebook models, Apple developers have chosen the SD format because such cards are used in most consumer cameras, but it was a compromise. Meanwhile, according to Schiller, now more and more cameras support wireless transmission. So the users of new Apple laptops MacBook Pro are encouraged to use external card reader or wireless connection.

Source: The Independent



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