Became known, who will be making computers for Tesla Model 3

According to the source, referring to representatives of the supply chain, Tesla ordered the release of on-Board computers for electric cars Tesla Model 3, the company Pegatron Technology.

For this order Pegatron Technology had to compete with Jabil and Quanta Computer. Contract manufacturers are interested in orders for on-Board computers, because their production is highly profitable. The price of one copy exceeds $1000.

As stated previously, Tesla has collected computers on their own, ordering a motherboard. However, the need for a large number of computers prompted the Tesla Model 3 to transfer the Assembly to third parties.

Incidentally, with regard to boards, they were previously released for the Tesla company Jabil and Foxconn Electronics. Foxconn later, however, switched over to cooperation with Chinese manufacturers developing electric cars, and Tesla had to switch to Quanta and Pegatron.

Although the company is not Quanta has received orders for computers, it still delivers Tesla motherboard and this year and in the future the volume of orders will grow.

Recall that the electric car Tesla Model 3 was submitted about a year ago. It is cheaper than other models of Tesla, it aroused great interest — the number of pre-orders already reached 400 000. Test production of the sedan Tesla Model 3 began in February, in mass is due to start in September, so the first customers will get electric cars before the end of the year.

Source: Digitimes

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