Became known the reasons for the delay of the start of sales of the camera Fujifilm X-A3

Debuted in August, mirrorless camera Fujifilm X-A3 was supposed to go on sale in October of the sixth, but that didn’t happen — the appearance of new items on the shelves was postponed to November 10. However, now the device can not buy. For example, Amazon Fujifilm X-A3 appears with the note «temporarily out of stock». About the reasons for the delay Fujifilm silent, but the source managed to find out interesting details.

Reportedly, the reason for the delay Fujifilm X-A3 lies in the hinges of the folding screen: if you hold the display simple enough — tilt so that it is convenient to photograph myself, and then lay down — then when you return to the place the screen is not completely fall in the allotted for him deepening of the housing. In other words, the display is not strictly perpendicular to the bottom of the shell position and starts to puff up.

According to the source, the same illness and another, not yet officially presented mirrorless camera Fujifilm A-X10. Part of the problem do not end up folding display comes from the extensive use in the design of the plastic housing instead of metal.

According to the source, Fujifilm asked stores to return shipped at the time an X-A3 to correct the defect, although officially, the opinion was not reported. Also have a X-A3 revealed problems with unstable operation of the diaphragm supplied lens while shooting a movie, but it was resolved by updating the firmware of the camera.

The source says nothing when brought to mind X-A3 will be on sale. As for A-X10, its official premiere is expected now until early December.

Source: Photo Rumors



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