Became known, the reaction of Western Digital on the decision of Toshiba to regain part of the assets of semiconductor production allocated in the independent enterprise

Western Digital responded to the decision by Toshiba to regain part of the assets of semiconductor production, a separate company.

The intention of the Toshiba includes a refund of three joint ventures with Western Digital producing flash memory type NAND, a new Toshiba Memory Corporation (TMC) back under the wing of Toshiba.

According to Western Digital, Toshiba actions confirm the validity of the positions of Western Digital, which is that any attempt by Toshiba to transfer its participation in these JVs will violate the terms of contracts with the company SanDisk (recall that Western Digital has purchased a SanDisk a year ago, so all rights went to her).

At the same time, actions Toshiba does not authorize the final issue raised by SanDisk in the appeal to the arbitration court in connection with the actions Toshiba. In fact, Toshiba is trying to replace one SanDisk violation of the rights of others. On this basis, the arbitration will continue.

In Western Digital are confident that any attempt by Toshiba to transfer the interest in the JV to third parties without the consent of the SanDisk breach of the terms of contracts.

Perseverance Western Digital becomes clear when you consider that the value of the recovered assets does not exceed 5% of the bets received Toshiba from potential buyers TMC.

Source: Western Digital

Western Digital


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