Became known characteristics of convertible tablet Onyx Boox Typewriter with E Ink screen

Company Onyx International, a manufacturer of electronic books under the trademark Onyx Boox, has developed an unusual hybrid of a tablet computer, electronic book and laptop. The device received the name of Onyx Boox Typewriter.

The picture clearly shows that it represents the product. In fact, this e-book, to which is connected the keyboard. The Onyx Boox Typewriter can work as a laptop, and the electrophoretic screen device independence is going to be very good. Idea of the solution is in the continuation of the text on the fly when the user is forced to switch desktop. Laptops and tablets are able to perform the same functions, but the Onyx Boox Typewriter has a number of advantages due to the use of the EPD screen is traditionally matrix.

As we found out to our colleagues from Italy, Onyx Boox Typewriter used with a screen E Ink Carta diagonal of 9.7 inches with a resolution of 1200 x 850 pixels. Display touch, it allows you to write handwritten notes and comments to documents with an electronic pen – the same features are implemented in a large e-book Sony focused on users from the business environment.

Possible Onyx Boox Typewriter to work with a variety of applications, if limited (for example, in comparison with tablets), it is not very much, as the device uses Android 4.0. Alas, due to the use of this type of screen on video playback it is possible to forget, but the work should be quite productive.

The device is built on a single system Freescale IMX family.6, which includes the core ARM Cortex-A9 1 GHz. The amount of RAM is 1 GB built-in flash memory – 16 GB. Also available Wi-Fi adapter and Bluetooth, slot for memory cards microSD, Micro-USB port 2.0, standard connector for headphones, microphone and loudspeaker.

Impressive by the standards of electronic books, is the volume of the battery: 4100 mA·h! A preliminary assessment of autonomy: a few weeks of work. The dimensions of the device – 295,5 x 195,3 x 16.7 mm and weighs about 480 grams.

Onyx Boox Typewriter was presented at the exhibition Hong Kong Global Sources Fair. The device has a prototype status, and the market it will appear (if appear at all) in the best case in the beginning of 2018.

Source: Notebook Italy



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