Beautiful manicure with rhinestones: 100 fresh photo ideas

The desire of girls to embellish their appearance and to look more attractive, elegant and original will never run out. Modern advances in the fashion industry to fully meet the expectations of fashionistas, offering a variety of ornaments and tools for the realization of fashion ideas.

In a harmonious and stylish image every detail is important, the most important of which is the manicure. Fashionistas has enough simple nail art, they’re trying to diversify its crystals, polonkai, kamifurano, 3-D elements and moldings.

French with rhinestones: custom classics

Rhinestones and other decorations are considered to be only an additional element of everyday nail art, but their use transforms even the most simple design. French manicure is a favorite of women’s preferences, more often fashionable even for daily wear is decorated with rhinestones small size. Them stands out most basal hole or sidewall of the nail. If you use a decoration on the edge of the nail, it will quickly deteriorate and will just get in the way.

For typical classic French reserved shades, which the rhinestones look the most noticeable and bright. The girls, preferring rich color palette can cover nails in red, blue, maroon color and decorate them with a sparkling «drops».

Today in fashion the original and innovative solutions. French manicure is a great platform to implement the boldest ideas. The trend of nail art with lots of colors and shades, stripes, prints, color, gradient. Many artists combine French with malachite and leopard design, create a matte finish in dark and pastel shades. This abundance is not a barrier in front of the dressing design with rhinestones.

The moon manicure with rhinestones

Classic lunar manicure becomes more festive and elegant, if you make root the hole a scattering of small rhinestones. This nail art is relevant for everyday wear.

Create a moon design with stones can every girl. In specialized stores presented a large number of available accessories and tools for manicure.

Rhinestones in the root zone makes the manicure more sophisticated and refined. It is not necessary to decorate all fingers, most fashionistas often adorn the ring.

Fishnet manicure with rhinestones

Delicate lace pattern increasingly seen in marigolds fashionistas, regardless of ultramodern and elegant way of decorating fingers. If in past seasons fishnet manicure was supplemented by pieces of textiles, but now their replaced by sparkling rhinestones and stones.

Thin «veins» and the loops are special brushes and dadami, the use of which figure can not be distinguished from real lace.


Openwork pattern often runs in black and color color to pale pink, beige or peach background. Rhinestones give this a calm and concise manicure more festive look. If you run the «lace» in silver or gold color with multiple shiny lace, then you’ll have a win-win for gala evening.

Manicure Cat-eye with rhinestones

The original design of the «cat’s eye» is popular enough, but a real fashion splash he experienced this season. Nail artists working with gel nail Polish on the metal base and magnets, I noticed that the design resembles a cat’s eye.

Rhinestone manicures «cat’s eye» every use of discretion. They can make the entire nail plate, to decorate their basal hole or corner of the nail.

It is important to choose the optimal size and form stone, do not overdo with their quantity. If you add «cat eyes» small crystals, you get a quite everyday design.

Wedding manicure with rhinestones

The choice of manicure for the most important events in every girl’s life need to be particularly careful. All is on the ring finger wedding ring is worn, so the fingers should look perfect.

To make your own spectacular wedding manicure is unlikely to succeed, it is better to consult an experienced master who has great experience in this field.

Manicure for a wedding celebration must be done with a plain white pebbles. No colored rhinestones which absolutely do not fit the white dress. Many ladies perform a wedding manicure in fishnet technology. It uses pieces from wedding gowns or wedding veils.

Rhinestones on short nails

Short nails are less suited for decorating with rhinestones. The small space of the nail plate does not allow you to put even small rocks.

Important rule for manicure on short nails – use solid design without any unnecessary patterns. Absolutely not suitable for jewelry rhinestone French and lunar manicure as edge detection and hole occupy a significant part of short nails.

Rhinestones for long nails

Long fingernails after a brief oblivion, have again become popular among fashionistas. This beautiful «box» to create stylish patterns with rhinestones, even the largest.

In the trend entire compositions of crystals in the form of curls, bows, zigzags, and straight lines that look incredibly fresh and interesting even in a casual manner.

A significant advantage of a long nail – the ability to create art paintings and original prints, sometimes with a hidden meaning. Manicure with floral motifs, lace ornaments, animal figures perfectly coexist with shiny stones that do not simply decorate the nail, but both are part of the composition. For example, are used to highlight the eyes of animals, simulate dew, etc.

How to do a manicure with rhinestones

First prepare the Foundation, cover the nail plate with two layers of varnish. Further actions depend on the size of the crystals. If it is a small stones, they are mounted on a not yet dried up varnish. They are easier to pick up moistened with water or a transparent varnish with a toothpick.

For mounting the stones average size is a transparent varnish, which dropped to the place where you plan to attach the rhinestones.

Large crystals require a more durable attachment method. It uses a special adhesive that securely attaches the stones to the nail plastic. After placing and fastening of all elements on the nail, cover the nails with a transparent varnish finish.

Rhinestone long ceased to be a member of only a wedding nail art. Increasingly, fashionistas adorn everyday manicure small iridescent stones, which fits perfectly in any way. By varying the amount of crystals, you can create unique designs on a variety of events in your life.

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