Beautiful doll with your own hands

Beautiful doll can be not only a favorite toy of a little girl, but also by original decoration. While it is not necessary to buy ready-made option, because you can do it yourself according to your own preferences.

Doll felt the «Sailor moon»

Many girls still are crazy about the famous cartoon «Sailor moon». Therefore, we propose to make the main character felt.

You’ll need:

  • felt white, yellow, red, beige, blue and black color;
  • filler;
  • scissors;
  • thread;
  • adhesive;
  • acrylic paint white and black color;
  • rubber band white and red;
  • needle;
  • brush;
  • marker disappearing;
  • rhinestones and polybutene;
  • pencil;
  • paper.

To start on paper, draw the elements, which will consist of a doll and cut them out.

Transfer the outline of each blank on the felt of the appropriate color.

Carefully sewn onto the body of a swimsuit, gloves and boots. To secure the felt in position, you can use a clamp or clothespin.

Sew the front and back of the torso, gradually stuffing toy filling. When the glove is stuffed, the seam is inserted a red rubber band. Wind it around your hand three times, fixing adhesive and the second tip also is inserted in the seam.

Repeat the same on the second hand.

Begin to create the head. First sew the hair disappearing marker to note where will be located the eyes and embroider them with the thread of white color.

Partially painted the eyes with white paint.

Sew the eyes iris felt blue. Top draw pupils with black paint. Glue eyelashes, flare and cheeks, which are made of felt. Embroider lip and eyebrow thread in matching color.

On the back of the head embroider a few strands of thread yellow. Sew the parts together.

Embroider a few strands in the tails. Sew the parts together, gradually filling the filler.

Sew the small strip to the tail and curl it.

The circles sew the red elements and white rubber band around them.


The connecting part between tail and sew to head.

On the part of the body make a small incision and insert there the neck. Carefully sew together the details.

So the doll should look like at this stage.

Stuffed with filler and sew up the bangs.

Attach it to the head and sew the tiara. If desired, you can decorate it on the center poluboginey.

Cut out of paper some more necessary details. Transfer to the felt and cut out. Sewn to the chest of the sailor and the oversized bow. In the center glue polybutene. Decorate boots yellow details.

Cut rectangles out of felt blue. Sew them overlapped, forming the skirt of the doll. Close the seam with a band of white. Beautiful doll Sailor moon is ready!

Christmas toy in the form of dolls

Of course, in specialized stores you can find a lot of different Christmas decorations. We offer a little to depart from the usual rules and make at least one toy alone. For example, a doll-a clown is a great option.

Prepare these materials:

  • crepe paper;
  • Vata;
  • wire;
  • glue «Moment»;
  • acrylic paint;
  • starch paste;
  • mass for modeling application of self-hardening;
  • line;
  • pastel pink color;
  • brush;
  • thread;
  • a pair of scissors.

Make the face of the application of self-hardening mass. This is a fairly complicated process, so you can use a special mold or make a mold of a doll face. Then leave it to dry.

Painted face with acrylic paint beige.

Draw the whites of the eyes with white paint.

Pupils can draw with a brush, dots, or a toothpick.

Draw the eyelid with a thin brush or toothpick.

Brown paint, draw a line of eyelashes. With a toothpick draw the pupils.

A pin or toothpick make a highlight white.

Gently draw the lips pink or red.

Draw paint brown.

Grind the pastel pink color and makes the blush on her face.

Apply the paste on one end of the wire and wrap the wool. It doesn’t have to be in color and quite suitable for standard white wool. It pulls on both ends of a wire, lubricated with paste and leave to dry.

Take another piece of wire from which we will be doing hands. Pulls the wool the same way.

Take two cut crepe paper of all shades and stretched across the folds.

Cut out two squares – these will be the details for the sleeves and two rectangles pants.

Gather the bottom of the rectangles, as shown in the photo.

Alternately, wrap each one around the legs and zamatyvaem thread.

From the wadding cut out the rectangles shorter than the legs.

Wrap the wool around the wire.

Gently wrenched the paper as shown in the photo. It is in any case should not be torn.

The bonding part of the leg between them. Repeat the same with the other leg.

Do the same with the sleeves.

Upper sections of winding thread. Such details should be in the result.

Bend wire for legs and glue is applied to the area of the stitches, from the middle of the legs and to the open sections.

Bendable wire with handles, as shown in the photo.

Primative one part to another by means of threads.

The wire pulls the wool as shown in the photo.

Then apply a little paste.

Glue the head to the torso.

To make the doll look aesthetically pleasing, pulls the wool at the place of gluing of parts.

Moulded cap and cover it with paste. Make a collar of crepe-paper of a contrasting color. This stretched it across the folds and bend in half. Sew it with a thread and a bit shift, as in the photo.

Wrap the collar around the neck and straighten the Assembly. Primatives his neck to thread and fasten.

Apply glue under the collar and fix it.

Wrap cotton on a toothpick and give it a ball shape. Lubricates the workpiece with paste and dry. Glue the ball to the cap.

Slightly bend the feet to make them look natural.

If desired, you can attach a string to hang the doll on the tree.

Cute doll-butterfly

Those who are just trying to do different crafts with their hands will suit the master class. It’s pretty simple and doesn’t require much time.

To work prepare the following:

  • calico white;
  • stripe and white;
  • Batiste white;
  • lace;
  • hair pieces;
  • skewer;
  • filler;
  • scissors;
  • acrylic paint purple and brown;
  • thread;
  • needle;
  • lavender (optional);
  • pencil;
  • paper
  • pastel pink color.

To start on paper, draw the necessary parts for future dolls. Dotted lines denote the places where you will need to twist the details.

The fabric you chose for the body, folded in half. Definitely need to do it face inward. Trace the parts and cut them out.

Sew the fabric for the body with a striped elements. Also sew the details, as shown in the photo, leaving a small space. Fills parts with filler and sew up the hole hidden seam. In body insert the skewer to the waist and also firmly stuffed.

On the back of the head make a small incision to the skewers. Join head to body and sew them together.

Draw a face with acrylic paint. Sew the stretch lace around the waist.Take the cut fabric for the dress and painted it with paint purple. To get a more delicate shade, dilute it with water.

With the upper hand make the seam allowance slightly gather the fabric and sew as shown in the photo.

Turns dress. Sewn to the body of the handle on the buttons.

Sew doll hair. If desired, you can tie the tails.

Calico sew the wings as shown in photo. Painted paint them purple. Fill the wings with dry lavender.

Sew them to the back. If you want you can do a small loop to put or hang the doll.

Charming, fragrant doll — butterfly will be an excellent decoration for your home!

To make a beautiful and unusual doll with your own hands can absolutely everyone. Don’t be afraid to try something new, show imagination, add interesting details, and the result will exceed all expectations!

Share your experience in the comments.

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