Beach fashion: trends 2018

Every girl begins to plan your vacation in advance, carefully thinking through every detail. To be confident in its appeal, it is important to know the trends in beach fashion is expected in a future season. What designers have prepared for the beach season in 2018?

Fashion swimwear

In the summer of 2018, the designers offer a wide selection of various styles and colors of the swimsuit. This understated bikini, which can be supplemented with short skirt and panties with a high rise a La the 70s.

For several years the leading position hold bikini. They are comfortable and provide a perfect tan. However, to choose such models of bathing suits can girls with a good figure who are not afraid to demonstrate your body.


Many models of swimwear, the designers have added fringe, ruffles, sheer panels, and even a long sleeve. Among novelties it is possible to select the swimsuit that when wet it changes color or a pattern.

Looking for a new summer collection, you can see that they have more one-piece swimsuits than last year. Many of them remind us of the fashion of the 50’s, but with additions that meet the modern fashion. Here you will find different prints, cut-outs, interlocking straps and other trendy details.

To conceal any figure flaws, emphasizing its beneficial, can bottoms with a high rise. Even with curvaceous, this swimsuit you will feel graceful.

Swimsuit model with a deep neckline is more suitable for beach parties than for sunbathing. Complementing it with a skirt to the floor, you can safely go for a walk.

The trend will be the model with elongated top, where low and quite candid panties combined with an extended top. The bodice is made in the form of the top. It can be part of interwoven lace, short sleeves or script.

Beach dresses

Summer sundress is an essential item of clothing. It is ideal not only for Hiking, but also for special occasions. Summer models are lightweight and are made of chiffon, cotton and other airy fabrics. They are straight and flared. Their distinctive feature is the lack of sleeves and thin straps. So in this dress every girl will feel comfortable and relaxed.


Relevant in 2018, will be models with a pleated skirt and an original pattern. They can have different lengths. Also in fashion back halter neckline. This sundress is perfect to sit on girls with a small bust and slender waist.

For several seasons a popular Greek style. A distinctive feature of this dress is Empire waist and straight loose skirt that can be draped with frills or pleats. Especially feminine looks are sundresses in pastel colors.




Many designers have supplemented their collection of knitted models sundresses. Through the use of original patterns, they look stylish and unusual.

Stylish tunics

The choice of tunics in the new season almost limitless. Designers presented a cropped and extra-long model, fitted and flared, short and long sleeve, solid and print. Making a choice, you should focus solely on external data. If desired, the tunic can be used instead of dresses.

Tunics in a casual style can be worn with pants or jeans. Among the new 2018 model with extended back that look like a dress.


One of the main traceable trend was that the designers lush decor, intricate patterns and Indian patterns. Offer to wear them with jeans or long pants with ethnic motifs. To Supplement the image will help large earrings and thick bracelets.

Fashion pareo

This model of beachwear have appeared relatively recently. But today no one a fan of beach holidays is not itself without a pair. Its main advantage is the versatility. Depending on which locking method you choose, you easily from a simple scarf to create an original beach wear.

Girls, a figure which is far from perfect, with the help of a pair may successfully hide various flaws, focusing on the advantages.

Restrictions when choosing colors pareo no. It all depends on your preferences. Some girls prefer plain models, others prefer colorful prints. If we talk about fashion trends following summer season, there are black pareo and model in the pea or large stripes.

Beach shoes

Perfect for the beach, a walk or shopping will become slates. Various color solutions allow you to select them for every occasion and mood. They can be flats, wedges or even a slight heel.

Another option for beach footwear – sandals. They are ideally look like with shorts or a mini skirt, or a dress to the floor. Bright model wedges are great for everyday use and for a romantic date.


In 2018 the cap popular will be the simple forms of natural materials. In many collections you can find models with a visor. For those who prefer street style, more suitable for Panama and knitted hats. It is important to pay attention to face shape and type of appearance.

At the peak of popularity in 2018 turban, able effectively to complement the wardrobe of every fashionista. It can be worn not only with a long dress, but with a business suit. No less relevant will be the headband, which will look impressive on a walk, a date, or in the cinema, giving her mistress a gentle way.

Where do without hats. This hat will always be in fashion. In 2018 will be the popular manufactures of straw of various colors.

Beach bag

Three-dimensional, spacious, waterproof and wear-resistant. That this should be a beach bag. Many of the models designers presented their new collections, the same shape and design handbags for everyday wear. The most common rectangular and trapezoidal options.

In the trend of bright and rich colors. Many fashion designers recommend that girls do not limit imagination. Any accessory, including a beach bag should attract the attention of others and to be functional. Popular materials are linen, straw and nylon.

Summer is the best time for experiments and vivid images. Knowing the trends in beach fashion for the next season, you’ll be able to look stylish.

And you already decided how to update your wardrobe for the new beach season?

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