Barrons analysts believe that by 2022 Nintendo will implement 130 million consoles Switch

We already know that sales of the Nintendo Switch has exceeded most forecasts, which were given before starting the device. Nintendo itself says about their projections for the first year, but different sources call the numbers at the level of 10-16 million consoles.

Barrons analysts, like many others, after seeing the initial sales results, changed their predictions. If earlier they believed that by 2022 Nintendo will be able to implement 70 million consoles, now claim that the company can sell and 130 million devices.

It is interesting that analysts point to as a reason for forecast raising not more successful than they expected, the start of sales. They say that the improved forecast after it became clear that the Switch — first portable console. Only now it was clear long before the start of sales, as Nintendo was previously disclosed almost all the cards.



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