Barnes & Noble Nook Tablet 7 seven-inch tablet of the company, valued at $ 50

Company Barnes & Noble two years ago refused to release their own tablets completely by using Samsung devices. But to release a very cheap device that can compete with a $ 50 Amazon Fire, none of the models of the Korean giant does not like to mean much more cost.

Therefore, to create a new model called Nook Tablet 7 and evaluated in the same 50 dollars, took some other device. Unfortunately, the manufacturer does not report, whether the new proprietary, or, as in the case of Samsung’s phones were just taken someone else’s tablet.

Anyway, the device is equipped with a seven-inch display with a resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels, 8GB flash memory, cameras resolution 2 and 5 MP and running Android 6.0 with sheath Barnes & Noble. Tablet frankly budget, but buyers of the devices this company gain first access to her library of books, films and other materials, not gigahertz and gigabytes. Buy a novelty will be possible starting from Black Friday (November 25).

Barnes & Noble


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