Bank Capital One appeared sexless virtual assistant Eno

Company Capital One Financial started a trial operation of a virtual Bank teller Eno, which communicates with users via text messages in natural language.

The company stresses that a virtual assistant whose name is obtained by the revolution of the word One is asexual, whereas the majority of similar services are named female names, which is already causing some criticism. By the way, on a direct question about sex One says that it is «binary».

Using the «binary» assistant, the user can know the status of accounts, view your statement, including recent payments to pay the bill. In the future, the feature list will be expanded and the service to make available to all customers of the Bank. Yet, access it only got the test.

The banks ‘ interest in such services has intensified since artificial intelligence technology has enabled to provide a sufficient level of understanding of natural speech. Introducing virtual assistants, financial institutions expect to reduce costs significantly and at the phone support.

Sources: Capital One, Reuters


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