Baidu tested in China unmanned car on a public road

The source said that Chinese tech giants Baidu yesterday tested on public roads several unmanned vehicles. Exactly how much is not reported, but in the photo they are seven and this is clearly not all machines.

At least the source says about cars BYD, Chery and BAIC, which were converted accordingly, and in the photo all seven cars of the same model.

Tests on a small interval with a length of 3.16 km in total ride of about 200 people. The car was equipped with a system Velodyne LiDAR, cameras, radar millimeter range and related equipment to process all these data.

The route covered and turns, and traffic lights, and even reversals. On the way the car has time to develop the maximum allowed in the place 60 km/h.

Baidu intends to begin production of the first Autonomous cars in 2018, however, it will be commercial machines. Consumer models should appear in 2021.



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