Baidu has revealed the first results of work on Project Apollo

As promised, the company Baidu has introduced the self-driving technology, developed in the framework of project Apollo. The project aims to create an open platform that includes hardware, software and cloud services. A demonstration of the first results was selected the conference Baidu Create, devoted to developments in the field of artificial intelligence.

During the demonstration Project Apollo was shown the process of deep learning. System of driverless driving has examined the actions of a human instructor, and then showed appropriate skills in a complex traffic environment.

According to estimates Baidu, the Association Apollo Alliance Partners Ecosystem already includes more than 50 members, including developers, manufacturers, research and governmental organizations.

The Alliance includes the Nvidia. Its development will be used in different parts of the platform — as in the onboard system of the vehicle, and in the servers of cloud computing centers.

Source: Nvidia



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