Baidu and BAIC will start mass production of unmanned vehicles in 2019

Chinese search giant Baidu last few years working on the technology for self-driving cars. This week, Baidu announced the signing of a partnership agreement with Chinese automaker BAIC.

According to the terms of the agreement in 2019 BAIC will start producing self-driving cars of the third level with technology Baidu. Unmanned machine of the fourth level will start coming off the conveyor BAIC in 2021.

In self-driving cars, the third level of the driver can not control the car on the tracks, but be ready to take control. The fourth level does not require attention of the driver.

Recall Baidu recently announced the creation of a Fund of self-driving Apollo Fund, which over the next three years will allocate more polutrilliona $ 100 different startups, working on unmanned vehicles.



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