Backblaze statistics indicates that the HDD 8 TB are among the most reliable

Statistics published by the company Backblaze allows us to see which hard drives are the most reliable on the market. Of course, adjusted for the fact that this company uses is far not all models.

A new report created in the second quarter of this year. During this period, a company providing corporate customers with space on the cloud storage, acquired 4921 new drive, bringing the total number to 83 HDD 151 pieces.

In the end, the table of the company includes 17 models of size 3.5 inches, used during the second quarter. HDD ranges from 3 to 8TB.

As you can see, some drives zero indicator of failure rate. Note that this indicator is calculated by special formula considering the total time of all HDD of the same model. Among the three models in Toshiba’s (total 231 drive) for the quarter is not out of Troy no. But they are relatively few and the total time is also small. And here, for example, a model WD60EFRX if you already have 443 devices and more time in the work also showed zero percent failure rate. Speaking about the drives, which the company had significantly more, have proved to be excellent models of Hitachi. By the way, if you focus on the Backblaze reports, overall the most reliable HDD from Hitachi.

Did well and three models of Seagate. But the other two (ST4000DM001 and ST4000DX000) was terrible from the point of view of reliability. That is to buy these models are clearly not worth it.

In the table below you can see the statistics from 2013.

As you can see, the average failure rate is less than 2%. That is, in General, hard drives are very reliable devices. And the best result showed the model with a volume of 8 TB.


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