Baby New year 2018: the entourage and the organization

Warm memories from childhood are often associated with the celebration of the New year. In memory POPs up the smell of Mandarin, daddy is dressed as Santa Claus, mom, alopecosa all day on the holiday table and a welcome gift under the tree.

Today’s children is difficult to surprise those simple pleasures of early days, but worth a try. Moreover, the modern market offers a large number of products that can make your holiday bright and memorable.

Decoration of rooms for children

When choosing decor for a child’s room or hall where will be held a festive event on a particular style is difficult to speak. Kids love to have more vivid tints, lights and glitter.

You should start with the choice of location for the Christmas tree. If it’s a big hall, forest beauty can be set in the center. For children will fit a miniature Christmas tree that will look good on the table or in the corner of the room.

Decorations on the Christmas tree needs to be safe. Should exclude large glass balls, painted by craftsmen. It will be safer for children and the ball itself. Optimal will be the decoration of plastic, felt, foil, various paper garlands and so on. For older kids you can prevent the use of garlands with light bulbs. In this case, the choice is better to stop on sets with batteries. Electrical appliances where kids can be alone, I wouldn’t leave.

Luminous garland for kids

Since, lights are an integral part of the Christmas decoration, then they should also be used. For this you need to consider their location and structural features. Ideal will be the options for auxiliary power supply: solar or simple battery.

If the alternatives to electric lights is not, then they need to be placed where the child will not be able to get them. Look good strands of lights placed on the cornice of the curtains. You can also put lights on the rack, thereby ensuring that the original illumination of the ceiling. The garland is easy to distribute on the window frame, preferably at its upper part.

Rain, glitter, tinsel…

All of this is safe enough accessories to decorate the room. They can safely be left on the mind of the baby. The ceiling and cornice can be mounted iridescent shiny garland on the window sills and shelves to lay out the rain. Also tinsel filled decorative vases.

The children’s holiday

Christmas party for a child is a long awaited event. Compulsory guests should be father frost and his granddaughter snow maiden. In addition, children will enjoy funny animals and fantastic characters.


The event program must include narrative statement. The ideal would be kind and instructive tale, in which kids will participate in competitions and get small Souvenirs. You can hire professional actors or organize your own. Special drama performances will not require. An important role will play festive music and Christmas songs that you can sing along with the kids.

At the end of the holiday kids will wait for gifts. A ritual for the distribution of new year’s surprises can be turned into a lottery or contest. It is also possible according to the old custom to give gifts for poems or just.

Gifts to children on New year

For most parents, the choice of a gift to the child remains a challenge. Every year mom and dad going over in my head lots of ideas, choosing one that will appeal to the child and will not hit the pocket.

The first thing that comes to mind is to ask the kid what he would want. Here you can get into a difficult situation: the child will ask for something very expensive or something impossible to get. You can also pre-negotiate with the child that on New year’s parents will give him something from his wish list, about which the child asked for.

If there is no hint for a gift idea, you can stay on the symbol of the year. Very young children will be happy with the soft toy in dog shape or set of characters from cartoons. Older girls will enjoy decorating with a paw print or a funny dog pendant puppy. The boy can give a sweatshirt or t-shirt with the original thematic pattern.

Good gift for New year for any child is a set of sweet treats. They can be purchased ready-made or assemble yourself. Even teenagers will be happy to accept such a gift in addition to something more useful for them.

A wide range of toy stores will help in the difficult choice. Should stop focusing on Board games: adventure games, dominoes, bingo-themed games to cartoons and movies, janga, UNO, and more. The game you need to pick according to age given the company in which the child will be able to play it. Modern games look very entertaining. They feature large figures in a 3D field that you want pre-assembled, lighting and voice acting. Such a gift may take not only the recipient, but also his entire family.

Interesting will be the gifts from the craft store. Producers harvested a variety of sets for boys and girls. The degree of dedication of the child to any occupation you can pick up a set. For example, lover to draw suitable set of canvas, marked with figures, small easel and paints spread out in jars with the appropriate mark. Also interesting will be the numerous mosaic stones, wooden elements or colored pieces of plastic. Boy can captivate collection volume models out of cardboard. Large sets allow you to build entire cities. Girls like embroidery kits, creation toys, Soaps and cosmetics at home.

Universal sets it is necessary to highlight the growing crystals and a variety of chemical experiments. Usually in such cases are the reagents and other components for chemical experiments. These kits are specific – they are disposable. But the result in the memory will remain interesting crafts.

Creating child Christmas party with entertainment and gifts, you need to pay attention to what the kid likes. Then the celebration will be successful and will leave warm memories for a lifetime.

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