Awesome manicure ideas on March 8

March 8 – one of the most anticipated holidays for women. Every lady wants to look attractive this day, thinking through your image to the smallest detail. The most important of these parts is a manicure, the correct selection of which perfectly accentuate and complete the festive outfit.

Manicure on March 8: actual colors 2018

Spring – time freshness and bright colors. Along with the usual soft pink shades ladies prefer rich colors. No less important, a mixture of several shades, thereby creating a mix of bright spring flowers.

In the spring of 2018 are equally appropriate for the use of similar colors and contrasting combination. For example, looks great «neighborhood» red lacquer with gold, blue with silver.

March 8 is our women’s day, so we are free to decorate their nails, unusual nail artami, experiment with prints and shades of varnish. Especially popular fashionistas enjoys neon, light green, lemon yellow, shade of a sea wave, Marsala, etc. These tones looks perfect in the technique of French and lunar manicure.

For lovers of restrained manicure stylists recommend to use pastel colors that come closest to the natural color of the skin. But such designs can vary from the pictures in a minimalist style with cute flowers light or geometric patterns.

The main trend of the upcoming season – matte manicure. It can be run in a plain version, and match with glossy finish. Rich and elegant looks matte nail design in dark shades of blue, purple and Burgundy.

Not to mention the growing popularity of manicure with metallic shades. Nails, covered «gold» and «silver» mine will be in trend throughout the season.

French and lunar manicure

Speaking about the trends of the season is impossible to ignore the minions nail design – French manicure and the moon manicure. The versatility and ease of implementation of this design has resulted in spectacular holes and «smiles» can be found on the marigolds most of the girls.

French and lunar manicure appropriate in any situation, on 8 March – is no exception. For a spring option, fill in the design with colored prints, lace patterns, beads or micro beads.

New season – a combination of lunar and French manicure in one design. The result of this merge is a spectacular nail art with a unique frame that visually frames the nail plate.


Manicure March 8: flowers and foliage

In recent seasons, nail-masters more often prefer a discreet manicure in a minimalist style. Along with the delicate pastel shades, this design incorporates floral and geometric prints that are subtle splashes adorn the ring fingers.

To do the spring manicure with flowers is very simple. Enough to have several shades of nail Polish, a set of nail brushes or dots. Using these tools it is easy to draw on nails unopened buds, twigs and buds. This design looks simple and fashionable.

Professional nail artists creating more intricate designs, depicting on the nails green foliage, insects. This design is particularly relevant for the spring-summer season. It can be carried even on short nails.

Spectacular manicure on March 8 with roses

Classic flower associated with March 8 is the Tulip, but many girls prefer to decorate their nails for the holiday of roses. This design is easy to do yourself. This takes just 2 shades gel Polish and brush for painting.

If you find it difficult to do this nail art, you can use ready-made stencils or drawings, which are mostly found in the nail shops.

Very gentle looking design, where the rose is accented with velvet sand. The technique of this manicure is very simple. Until the end of the wet gel Polish liberally sprinkled with velvet sand, excess smachivaetsya dry brush. It is important not to put on the finished nail art lacquer finish, otherwise velvety texture of the sand will be spoiled.

Manicure on March 8, 2018 with tulips

The main flower on March 8 is considered to be a Tulip. Despite the complex, at first glance, the process of prorisovany this flower, create this nail art will take you a little time.

Beginners can do easy barely noticeable stems and large brush to portray the unblown Bud. Professional artists create more complex drawings, drawing each petal.

Manicure on March 8 with rhinestones

No festive manicure is not complete without rhinestones and pearls. The choice is clear, because such design looks impressive and presentable. Do not have to cover the entire nail plate stones. Enough to focus their drawings on the nails (for example, serdtsevinka flowers, root hole) or to decorate the edge of the nail.

Trend spring 2018: the combination of several techniques

Girls never cease to experiment and create on your nails the most incredible nail art. Simple designs are not able to satisfy them, so they took a step further and combine the same manicure of several techniques.

Bright representative of a new trend – mix and a gradient French manicure. This design looks fresh and more than attractive.

A gradient manicure is easily combined with almost any technique. Very popular nail art with geometric patterns, where the gradient applied to vertical wide stripes velvet sand, or a simple gel Polish.

No matter how stylish and popular, neither were the trends of the season, with fashionistas has the right to create on their nails these designs that they wish. The individuality of each girl leads to the fact that with each new season, we can talk about completely new techniques and methods of decorating nails.

During the holidays, the desire to demonstrate their ability particularly large, so on March 8, many girls appear in front of others and especially to their loved ones with a spectacular and unusual manicure, embodied the wildest creative ideas.

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