Autumn crafts: 6 interesting workshops

Autumn is a wonderful time of year filled with bright colors and a special atmosphere of comfort. That is why we prepared several workshops a variety of fall craft projects. They can be used not only as decoration of your room, but also to present relatives or friends.

Candlestick in autumn style

To create something interesting and original in fall style does not have to be too expensive materials. Sometimes it is enough that there is in each house.

To create this candle we need:

  • salt dough;
  • glass bowl or plate;
  • knife;
  • beautiful leaves;
  • rolling pin;
  • vegetable oil;
  • acrylic paint (red, brown and orange).

To start prepare salt dough. If you want you can make it yourself or buy it in any store. Roll out fairly thin layer and put on top of the beautiful leaves.

Using a rolling pin, attactive the leaf print on the test.

Cut out the shape around each leaf with a sharp knife.

Carefully separate the sheets of dough.

Turn glass bowl or plate. Grease them with vegetable oil and put the top sheets of dough.

Preheat the oven to 250 degrees, put it in the bowls and bake for 1-1. 5 hours.

Take out blanks and leave them to cool for 15 minutes. Then, remove them from the bowls and leave until cool.

Prepare paint and carefully paint the workpiece. Then leave them to dry completely. If you want you can cover the product with a thin layer of PVA glue, whereby they will be more matte.

As you can see, the workpiece can be of various shapes. These products can be used not only as candlesticks, but also as supports for storing jewelry. It looks very nice.

Fragrant garland

Perhaps the easiest way to decorate your room in autumn style – to make a garland.

Prepare these materials:

  • beautiful leaves of different shapes and size;
  • sturdy rope;
  • scissors;
  • hammer;
  • nails;
  • cinnamon sticks;
  • oranges.

Before you begin to create garlands, dry leaves. You can put them between the pages of a book for a while or use paper towels.


Start creating presets. To do this, cut the oranges into slices of small width.

Gently lay them on the grill.

Preheat the oven to 80 degrees and put it in the oranges.

If you have a convection oven, set function, as shown in the photo. Otherwise, we recommend you flip the orange slices every hour. In total to dry them to about 3 – 3.5 hours.

Take out the slices from the oven and leave until cool.

Meanwhile, prepare the rope for garland.

At the end of the rope, tie a strong double knot, as shown in the photo.

Carefully make a hole in a leaf and puts it on the rope.

Alternately add a few leaves to the garland was long.

Add a slice of orange, a few leaves and then attach two sticks of cinnamon. To do this, wrap them with a rope and tie a knot.

We continue to form garlands, serially adding all of the items. When she’s ready just tying the rope in a double knot.

If you want you can hang a garland at the door or furniture. But we suggest to attach it to the wall. For this you will need a hammer and nails.

Stylish, fragrant garland in autumn style is ready!

Vase of leaves

To make an unusual vase of autumn leaves you will need:

  • the balloon;
  • brush;
  • leaves;
  • PVA glue;
  • the bowl’s small size.

To start, inflate the balloon and set it in a bowl.

Carefully remove the leaves from the cuttings.

Glue to the ball the leaves with a brush and PVA glue.Carefully glue some more layers to the bowl was thicker and stronger.

Leave blank to dry. Then pierce the balloon and gently remove it. Vase in the autumn style is ready!

Unusual candle holder pumpkin

Prepare the following materials:

  • pumpkin (real or artificial);
  • candles;
  • knife;
  • sequins;
  • glue for decoupage;
  • brush-sponge;
  • acrylic spray transparent.

To start, cut a circle around the pumpkin stem. It needs to be smaller in size than the candle.

With a brush-the sponge glue and apply glitter on the pumpkin. Leave it to dry.

Draw on the pumpkin with acrylic spray to sequins held tight.

Insert a decorative candle in a hole that is prepared in advance.

These candlesticks look great in any interior.

Autumn composition

To create this stylish arrangement will prepare:

  • balloons of small size;
  • a strong thread;
  • brush;
  • oil;
  • garland;
  • needle;
  • two bowls of small size;
  • autumn leaves;
  • bumps;
  • scissors;
  • PVA glue;
  • basket.

Inflate several balloons of approximately equal size. They should not be too large to fit in the basket.

In a bowl, pour a little oil. With a brush apply it on the balloons, so they are not too clingy thread.

In the second bowl pour the PVA glue.

Cut a long piece of string and place it in a bowl of glue.

Wound the rope around the balloon in a random order.

Leave it for a few hours to dry.

The same repeat with the other balls.

When the glue has dried, gently pierce the balloon with a needle and remove it.

The result will be decorative balls made of strong thread.

Each of them publish the garlands.

Collect composition in the basket, adding cones, leaves and balloons with lights.

A bunch of leaves

Decorate the room with fresh flowers is not necessary. The proposed use for this autumn leaves.

We will need:

  • 10 bright leaves for each flower;
  • floral tape;
  • scissors;
  • short rods or floral wire.

To start, wrap the protruding ends of the leaf, as shown in the photo. Be sure to do it bright side out.

Take the second sheet and is folded around the Central region inside. Put the rolled sheet in the middle and wrap the edges of the second leaf around the first.

Repeat the same, alternately adding new leaves. It is best to first use the leaves of small size, and then larger.

When the Bud is ready, attach it to the twig or wire with floral tape.

If you want you can make the stem longer. To do this, just use a branch. It is possible to record the same tape.

The bouquet can be put in a vase or wrapped in beautiful wrapping paper.

To do something original with an autumn theme can absolutely everyone! Just enough to purchase the necessary materials and to show a little imagination.

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