Autopilot electric car Tesla Model X saved a man from death

Last week past our radar was the news about how the autopilot Tesla electric car saved a man’s life. I hasten to correct the mistake, because associated with autopilot Tesla information is of particular interest since the tragic incident fatalities and one crash with no deaths.

37-year-old lawyer Joshua Neely (Joshua Neally), which is the owner of the Tesla Model X, went to the usual 45-minute ride home from the office and turned on the autopilot. Neely knew about the accident, but after just a week after he became the owner of a new crossover, the man had trusted the automatic control system. However, he vowed experiencing a spouse that will always closely monitor the traffic situation and keep your hands on the steering wheel.

After a few kilometers, Joshua Neely felt the first discomfort in my stomach and then his chest was pierced with sharp pain. The man remembered how he called his wife, they both decided that he urgently needed to the hospital. The rest of the way with a length of about 30 kilometers, he had almost forgotten. The car took him to a nearby hospital, where the doctors diagnosed a pulmonary embolism and had to save his life.

Such stories call to mind the words of Elon musk that the autopilot system will be able to save hundreds of thousands of lives annually.



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