Automakers fear that the profit from self-driving cars will not justify the costs of their independent development

A year ago, BMW became the first major automaker to abandon independent development of self-driving cars in favor of cooperation with Intel and Mobileye. This year Daimler announced a similar Alliance with Bosch. The manufacturers claim that this will increase the number of engineers involved in the development of driverless cars.

Industry experts called source another cause of such alliances. Manufacturers are not sure that robomobile will bring high profits, which has caused investment boom in the initial stage.

Companies are now producing cars that tend to divide investments and risks with other market participants, even if they have to give up sole possession of the new technology.

According to observers, the new trend indicates a departure from the strategy that car manufacturers should have a little over a year ago, when each one hoped to cope with the development of self-driving cars on their own.

«Although a significant market, it might not be worth those enormous investments which are now in him, join», — quotes Reuters the words on condition of anonymity a member of the Board of Directors of one of the German manufacturers.

In the struggle for a new market has joined dozens of companies — vehicle manufacturers and the giants of the it industry, but even by 2030, self-driving cars will account for only 10-15% of the European market, say analysts Frost & Sullivan. This means that success is waiting not all.


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