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Lunar calendar for manicure in 2018


It is considered that the lunar cycle has a strong impact on human life in its different spheres. Scientists working in this field have already found ample evidence to support this fact. In ancient times people began to see the relationship of health status with changes in the position of the heavenly bodies. Since were removed the patterns that we

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Contests on New year 2018: how to spend the holiday fun?


New year celebration is not only the gatherings at the holiday table, gifts, congratulations from family and friends. To diversify new year’s evening contests and games. They entertain bored guests, corporate parties or traditional family dinner. If you celebrate the New year in the cheerful company, then you especially can not do without competitions and quizzes that will make your

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Underwear style: models, fabrics, decor, compatibility


One of the leading trends of the new season, lingerie-style clothing. It has everything: femininity, elegance, sexuality. This style is especially suitable for those who like to attract male attention and cause a storm of emotions among the stronger sex. The range of apparel – tunics, shirts, skirts, dresses, tops. The purpose of these images is to look both innocent

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Microblading: procedure and care for eyebrows


Trends in the world of make-up changed quite often, but this is not for eyebrows. Now the trend is quite wide, bushy eyebrows the right shape. Of course, the girls with good natural abilities only a little to correct them. But if you don’t belong to one of them, consider to do a procedure called microblading. Next, we consider all

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