AUO showed automotive displays

The exhibition AUO at the SID Display Week event in 2017 includes not only round AMOLED displays for smart watches and 4K LCD panels for laptops but also other interesting exhibits. In particular, the company brought to the exhibition car displays of various forms, designed to integrate into the dashboard and rear view mirror.

LCD panel type AHVA with a size of 8.9 inches for the rear view mirror has wide viewing angles. Other advantages of this product is high brightness and fast response time. Due to the very thin frame panel can be easily integrated into the mirror.

LCD panel type AHVA for the instrument panel has a size of 12.3 inches and a resolution of Full HD. Same size and resolution is of the panel type AMOLED, designed for instrument panels, but it is superior to LCD in terms of contrast, response time and color saturation.

Panoramic screen size of 27 inches is composed of two LCD panels. According to the manufacturer, it fits well in modern interiors.

For Central information display (CID) designed LCD panel size 3.5 inch flexible plastic substrate.

Source: AU Optronics


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