Augmented reality glasses with the Apple operating system rOS is expected in 2020

Bloomberg reports that Apple takes the development of augmented reality headsets in the active phase, and that the device will receive the new single-chip system and its own operating system.

Earlier, the head of Apple Tim Cook (Tim Cook) said that the technologies for creating high-quality augmented reality glasses are there. Editor Bloomberg says the technology will be ready by 2019, and the beginning of sales of new products expected in 2020. The source adds that the timetable for the development of the device continues to change, so the total time can be different.

Augmented reality glasses will be Apple to work under control of operating system rOS, which is created on iOS. The abbreviation rOS means Rreality Operating System. One of the leaders of the team rOS is Jeff (Geoff Stahl).

So far Apple haven’t decided how the user will control the headset and run applications, but the prototypes are considered a few options: touch screens, voice control using Siri, hand gestures and so on.



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