Audiolab M-DAC Mini portable DAC with battery power based on the ESS Sabre Converter

Family DAC Audiolab M-DAC filled with new and the most petite model, natural named Audiolab M-DAC Mini. This product will work with laptops and even smartphones, thanks to the integrated Li-ion battery capacity of 5000 mA•h without access to mains power it is possible to work for seven hours.

The basis of novelty was 32-bit Converter Sabre ES9018K2M, which resulting ratio signal/noise Audiolab M-DAC Mini is at the level of 115 dBA. Supported sources USB interfaces (PC, Android and iOS), coaxial and optical S/PDIF (and similar outputs), also the engineers were able to fit inside the Bluetooth module. Sampling rate for S/PDIF is limited to 192kHz for USB already 384kHz and in this case you can play DSD64, DSD128, and DSD256.

It is worth noting the use of an analog potentiometer and the output stage is class A on the basis of transistors with field effect (JFET) as a dedicated headphone amplifier. The voltage at the outputs stereo RCA equal to 5 V. When operating from a network connected to the DAC Audiolab M-DAC to compensate for the charge level. All components except the power adapter fit into the case with dimensions of 34 x 136 x 178 mm.



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