Audio codec Cirrus Logic CS47L90 designed for mobile devices

The company’s product range has expanded Cirrus Logic audio codec CS47L90. The advantages of the new chips the manufacturer considers the presence of functions processing audio signal and low power consumption. Codec Cirrus Logic CS47L90 designed for mobile devices.

The codec supports 32-bit view of the sound. It is equally easy to combine with different SoC manufacturers, which allows us to implement identical functionality in devices on different platforms. The availability of various interfaces provides direct connection of the key components of modern mobile devices, including signal processors and applications processors, wireless transceivers, analog and digital microphones, amplifiers of low frequency. It also supports the activation function by a voice command including Google Hotword and Sensory TrulyHandsfree. Developers can implement unique solutions, as Cirrus Logic provides the tools to access the DSP kernel functions.

Source: Cirrus Logic


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