Audi showed a concept car with an onboard system based on Android OS

A few days ago, Google told that Audi and Volvo in its future cars will use the infotainment system based on Android OS.

And during the Google I/O conference audience showed concept crossover Audi Q8 Sport Concept, the use of such a system. The car itself is not new, it has already demonstrated on other shows, so interesting is the on-Board system.

Specific details were not disclosed. But we know that GUI was developed by the specialists of Audi, so it does not copy any other solutions.

Buyers of these cars will have access to streaming music services, Google services and even voice-assistant Google Assistant.

One of the first cars that will have this on-Board system could become Audi Q8 Sport for the 2018 model year, which will be released at the end of this. He will be a serial embodiment of the ideas shown of the concept.

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