Audi A8 sample of 2019 could be the first production car with a-governing the third level

Known organization SAE has defined six levels of self-government or autonomy of machines. At zero the machine is missing, but is possible to notify the driver. For the first level is characterized by the presence of the cruise control, automatic Parking and other automated systems, but the driver should be ready to take over at any moment. On the second level, the system controls acceleration, braking and taxiing, and the driver should intervene if he sees that the system is unable to cope independently. At the third level, the driver can not monitor the machine in predictable traffic conditions, for example, on motorways. However, he must also be ready to take over.

Audi has introduced the A8 the car of the sample of 2019, which would be the first production car with a-governing the third level. Novelty is equipped with a hybrid power plant, transmission with drive to all four wheels and active electronic suspension and the latest in infotainment on-Board system.

Autopilot car was named Audi AI Traffic Jam Pilot. He is able to start and complete the movement, to accelerate and brake the car to change direction. The participation of the driver at speeds up to 60 km/h is required. The automaker emphasizes that the driver can take his hands off the wheel and do while driving other things (if not inconsistent with local laws). If at some point, the system government will determine what’s next she can’t drive safely, she will seek the help of the driver.

Source: Engadget


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