At the University of Minnesota are developing a drone-tiltrotor

Drones, flying as helicopters, have many merits, but to stay in the air, they have to expend a lot of energy. This limits the flight time on the same battery charge compared to flying like a plane.

The University of Minnesota in Minneapolis undertook to remedy this deficiency, giving the SUAV drone:Q the advantages of both types of aircraft. Taking off vertically, like this UAV spreads its wings and goes into a horizontal flight, which uses the lifting force of the wing is stationary, and when the time comes to sit down on the machine again transformirovalsya in a helicopter and lands vertically. Flying like a plane, the SUAV:Q can be in the air all day, because his wing is covered with solar battery.

The wingspan of the tiltrotor — 2.1 m, and the unit weighs approximately 4 kg as payload it can carry a multispectral camera. The ceiling is an unusual UAV declared equal to 120 m.

While SUAV:Q tested in flight in each of the two modes separately. The test phase of the transformation performed in the wind tunnel. In the next six months, the developers plan to implement full-scale tests. In the end, the creators of SUAV:Q expect to bring the product to market, expecting that its cost will be several thousand dollars.

The scope of the new drone called agriculture: the ability to spend long hours in the air allows you to monitor the fields, providing the information needed for accurate selection, require irrigation, fertilizer, and herbicides. Of course, the apparatus may be interested in not only the farmers. It can for example be used by firefighters, foresters and operators of infrastructure.

Source: New Scientist


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