At the University of Michigan will appear unmanned vehicles

A couple of years ago on the territory of the University of Michigan (University of Michigan) the layout was built as a small city Mcity, which should be the first test of unmanned vehicles before they go on the streets of real cities.

As it became known, this fall students, faculty and staff will be able to navigate through the North campus of the University of Michigan on unmanned vehicles.

Initially it is planned to launch on route two fully self-driving cars that can accommodate as many as 15 seats. The manufacturer is a French company Navya. Duration of the route is about 3.2 miles, which the cars will pass in about 10 minutes.

The developers will monitor not only how the machines do their job, but also how users interact with them and react to the news. The events will be recorded on the internal and external camera. The collected data will allow to make vehicles safer and to make them work more efficiently. Travel will be free.


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