At the MWC 2018 Sony may introduce smartphones created within a completely new design concept Mirai

As you know, sales of Sony smartphones are falling from year to year. Of course, this applies to many other manufacturers, which were among the ten largest five to seven years ago.

The Sony example is interesting also because over the years, in the apparatus of Japanese companies, little has changed. No options, no doubt, constantly improve, but, for example, the total design concept has remained since the Xperia Z, although Sony often succeeded generation flagships. Also remains a problem with the quality of the cameras, while Sony is the leader in sales of optical sensors.

When Sony learns to make quality software for the cameras is unclear, but the design can finally change in the near future. If you believe the rumors, at MWC 2018, the company must show smartphones, the new design concept called the Mirai.

No further details, unfortunately, no. Of course, even if changing the design will be dramatic, it is unlikely to improve the situation of Sony. But companies clearly need to at least try.



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