At the event Motorola Hackathon team showed that the modules for smartphones can be really interesting and useful

Last year Lenovo introduced the smartphone Moto Z, which offered a new perspective on a simple concept of modularity. In comparison with the variant of the LG it seemed more convenient and promising.

The company presented several options of modules, and then third-party manufacturers have brought to market other solutions. But in the event Motorola Hackathon, which was held in San Francisco, you could see a lot of new ideas use of modular smartphones Moto Z. And in this case they were not limited to the need for commercial implementation.

Among the concepts was baby monitor Baby Care, colour sensor for the visually impaired Moto Color solar panel Solar-Powered Battery Charger, monitor the level of blood sugar Simple Syrup, breathalyzer ModCoholic, the robot RoboMoto and other interesting devices.

The next meeting will be held in March in China. Then the winners will be invited to the headquarters of the brand in Chicago to discuss options for the commercial realization of their ideas. All this indirectly confirms that Lenovo will keep promises and new Moto Z will support existing modules, otherwise you start all of this at the end of the life cycle of existing smartphones would be stupid. Unfortunately, Moto’s position in the smartphone market is fairly weak. If such an idea come from Samsung or Apple, perhaps the industry would have stepped forward and modularity of this level would become a familiar feature in the world of smartphones.



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