At the end of the year Microsoft will release another major update for Windows 10

As you know, in the spring, Microsoft will release a major update for Windows 10 called Creators Update. It will bring many new features, including a completely new Paint, a game mode, a bookstore, a mode «picture in picture» and much more.

At the time, Microsoft promised two major OS updates every year. However, last year the update was one. It was not clear whether they will continue this tradition of violating the promises of the company in the current year.

Now Microsoft has confirmed that until the end of the year there will be another major upgrade. While neither release date nor the title update, but the sources agree on the idea that it should be expected in November.

You can expect in the November update will include those features that were originally planned for Update Creators, but for one reason or another was postponed. For example, the function My People that provides quick access to your favorite contacts directly from the taskbar.



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