At the end of next year, Intel will introduce SSD PCIe NVMe series 610p

Solid-state drives Intel SSD 600p, which debuted in late August, pleased consumers low prices, but in terms of volume, they do not represent anything supernatural — it varies between 128 GB to 1 TB. But SSD series 610p, which is expected late next year, will be able to offer twice the maximum amount. This is evidenced by a road map published by the source.

The debut of Intel SSD 610p is expected in the fourth quarter of next year. The series will include NVMe PCIe drives size M. 2 with 3D TLC NAND memory capacity from 128 GB to 2 TB. This same memory will be used and the other two new lines of Intel SSD — 600p BGA and 545s. Difference SSD from 600p 600p BGA, as seen in the picture, not only in the building — the maximum amount 600p BGA limited to 512 GB.

As for the 545s Intel SSD, then we will have reduced volume (compared to SSD 540s) while maintaining two sizes: 2.5 inch and M. 2. In the latter case to work, you will use the SATA interface and not PCIe. However, the road map 545s SSD is a situation of only one quarter of the next year, third, this may indicate that Intel had not yet decided on the terms of issue of the SSD 545s.

Source: Benchlife



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